Featured Project #1

This display includes multiple thrift store finds.  The stand was acquired through a old barn sale.  It was painted stained…Learn More


Featured Project #2

The wood panel bathroom wall was created after a wind storm blew multiple sections of our wood fence down.  Each section of wood is weathered fence pickets that were sanded, cut and re-purposed.Learn More

cottage room

Featured Project #3

One of the most time consuming projects is this faux brick wall in our guest room.  Each brick is pain stakingly hand painted.  The overall look is to feel like you are approaching a cottage.  The wood shingles were purchased at a Home Depot in Oregon during our vacation.

Read more for details.Learn More


I enjoy finding thrifted, rusty and antique treasures to decorate our home here in Colorado.  Power tools are my favorite toys and I thrive best when there are plenty of fun and interesting projects for me to do. I am married to my best friend and enjoy hosting large events for my friends and family.

Join me in the pleasures of finding the most unconventional ways of decorating, designing, cooking and enjoying life…without breaking the bank.


Next Steps…

Would you like to learn more about the process that I use?  Check out my designs now. Learn More