5 things I look for when designing

  1. Opportunity in the space.
This is a small piece that was composed from 3-4 different thrift store finds. It's used as a bed decor item.

A blank wall or a wasted corner of the room is the perfect canvas for creating something unique. Find that space in your own home that most would ignore, but could offer that opportunity for a refresh or cool design element. Often times I will start my design ideas with new paint and begin the journey from there. Once I've identified the space and its need, I begin the plan for the design. Usually inspiration hits once I'm in the local thrift shop, Goodwill or scanned through Facebook Marketplace. Take measurements, pictures and sketches of the space. You will need those later.

2. Thrifting and Junking

While walking through my local thrift store, I look first for items that "jump out" at me. It usually connects to a memory, feeling or something that stirs my emotions. Typically the more TLC needed, the better. Depending on the space it could be a chair, lamp, mirror. Honestly, I this stage it could be anything. My imagination is in full swing and I allow myself to just think creatively . I keep thinking about what will work and what would make sense. Sometimes I grab things that I didn't intend on using in that space. There are so many treasures to be found in these store. Items often come home with me that will get used in future projects.

3. Preparing the items

Before any item comes into the house, it needs to get washed, repaired and possibly sanded & painted. I look for ways to use it with other items that I have and start sizing up the space. I want it to blend with the surroundings as if it was always meant to there.

Stay tuned for steps 4 & 5 in my next blog.

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