Why I like to “Thrift”

My love for antiques and salvaged items began when I was younger. We lived in California, I remember going into a used clothing store and getting a purple dress. I called it my Cinderella dress. I wore that dress for years. when we moved to North Dakota a few years later, my dad and I use to take stuff to the junk yard. At the junk yard, there was an area to put items to be salvaged. Dad and I would search through that area and come home with some fun stuff. Finally we moved to Colorado. My mom became friends with a lady that introduced us to the Salvation Army and Goodwill. We would spend hours shopping for antique egg beaters and old books. The old books we searched for were mostly medical books. It was always so fun to find a book we didn’t have . I remember finding a beautiful gunny sax dress that made me feel like Cinderella all over again.

So thrifting really has been my passion for years. I used to look forward to those trips to the Salvation Army and Goodwill, just like I do now. When I know I need to find something for a space, I search our local Goodwill and ARC first before heading over to our local antique stores. I always have an “idea” of what I want. Sometimes that general idea morphs into something better or gives me an idea for another project. That’s the lovely thing about home design – you can change your mind often.

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