Vintage Market (The Weathered Shoppe)

Vintage Market

The Weathered Shop

The Vintage Market in Colorado Springs is always a great place to find great home decor or just get ideas on how to decorate on your own.  Regardless of how many times I go, I always come back with either great ideas or a few items to use in our home.

One of my favorite vendors to explore is the Weathered Shoppe.  Not just because the owners are amazing ladies with great customer service, it is actually due to the unique and custom signs that you get from there.  I already have 2 of their signs hanging up in our home.  After today, I've doubled those numbers.  They are an amazing place to explore.  I suggest that if you ever come across one of their displays, walk slow and read everything.  You'll find something that jumps out at you and follows you home.

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